Radiografierea rezistenţei interioare sau Lucian Blaga în atenţia Securităţii (1953-1961)

  • SPIRIDON Raluca Nicoleta Consiliul Național pentru Studierea Arhivelor Securității, București
Keywords: example of cultural resistance, censorship, professional exclusion, influence on young people, Securitate, political pressures


Lucian Blaga remains in the history of Romanian literature as one of the few examples of cultural resistance and as a person who witnessed almost all known forms of professional and cultural exclusion. He helplessly witnessed the establishment of censorship which, on the one hand, made it impossible for an Anthology of his poetry to be published by the Viennese publisher Ervin Müller and, on the other hand, withdrew from circulation several of his literary and philosophical works. Removed from his university position and eliminated from the Romanian Academy, but given the position of director of the Cluj Branch of the Academy Library, Blaga continued to fuel the suspicions of the communist regime due to his influence among Romania’s youth. His surveillance through the Securitate left behind documents containing unprecedented details about this last part of Blaga’s life, which did not remain untouched by political pressures.


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Raluca Nicoleta, S. (2020). Radiografierea rezistenţei interioare sau Lucian Blaga în atenţia Securităţii (1953-1961). The Annals of "Dunarea De Jos" University of Galati. Fascicle XIX, History, 18, 107-133.