Kinetotheray and Massage in Lumbar Discopathy

  • Florentina Cristea "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati
  • Paul Ichim "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati
  • Aurelian Gheorghiu "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati
Keywords: Discopathy, Spondylosis, Lumbar, Pain, Physical Therapy, Massage


The importance of the topic approached: by definition, lumbosacralgia is a painfully localized symptom for which it is not always possible to establish a direct relationship between the importance the patient is giving to this suffering and the anatomo-pathological changes of the spine. Somatic manifestations depend on the etiopathogenicity of the disease as well as on the psychological interpretation of the nociceptive message. The participation of these psychosomatic components is not at all negligible and it explains the spectacular improvements made by means that at first sight have nothing in common with the supposed underlying etiopathogenic pain. Lumbosacral pain located or associated with a root syndrome accounts for more than 50% of the cases occurring in physical medicine services. In all countries, the same suffering represents a temporary incapacity to work and has very high social costs. Studies show that spine pain reaches about 80% of adults, but only 20% of the cases get true vertebral pathology. Its incidence increases with age, women between 40-60 years of age being more often affected than men. These patients are not only familiar with physiotherapy, but we also find them in the rheumatology, internal medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics ward. This dispersion between different specialist medical services can be explained to a certain extent by the diversity of the etiopathogenic factors involved in triggering the lumbosacral pain. On the other hand, there is a lack of proper health education in this area. Lumbar discopathy is characterized by back pain located in the lumbar region at some point in the patients’ life. Current studies highlight the fact that vertebral discopathy occurs more and more in younger persons. Dorso-lumbar spondylosis (dorsolombarthrosis) is the localization of the degenerative process or a developmental abnormality in the dorsal and lumbar spine, both in the discosomatic and the interapophoresis sector; there may be manifestations of diffuse osteophytosis at this level. It is frequently localized in the diartrodial mobile articular joint, which presents the articular cartilage as an important element of the joint with evolution towards functional articular agenesis in the end.


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