Peer-review Policy

EFMS operates a single-blind peer-review process, where the author does not know who the reviewers are. Each paper will be reviewed by at least two independent referees of the Scientific Committee. If the conclusions of the reviewers are different, the final decision will be taken by the Editors.

Manuscripts submitted to EFMS through Open Journal System are initially reviewed by the Editors, who analyze:

  • whether the Author Guidelines was respected;
  • the subject of the article fits the editorial policy of the journal;
  • the text is written in correct English.

Editors will decide if the article will be rejected or it will be accepted for peer review.

Reviewers are asked to complete the article form provided for the review stage and then to make, optionally, recommendations to the author. The criteria considered by reviewers are originality and novelty of the article, suitability of the content, quality of research methodology, organization, clarity, and appropriate documentation. Reviewers will judge a manuscript by considering:

  • How relevant is this paper?
  • How original is this paper?
  • Is this a new perspective?
  • The subject addressed in this article is worthy of investigation?
  • The information presented was new and novel.

After the peer review, the article will be either:

  • published in this form;
  • published with few modifications;
  • published with major modifications;
  • rewritten;
  • rejected.

After the review process, the author will be notified to revise the manuscript according to the suggestions made by the reviewers and the Editor.

Authors are notified by e-mail when a manuscript has or has not been accepted for publication. Authors are responsible for the scientific accuracy of their papers.

The expected time for the evaluation of manuscripts is two weeks from the date of receipt.