Development of Coordination Capacities Through Dancing among Primary School Children

  • Liliana Nanu "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati
Keywords: dancing, coordination capacities, primary school


”Physical Education” is the subject that influences, during school, the harmonious physical development of children, endowing them with abilities, attitudes and knowledge that stimulate their social and creative approach with the social environment and allow them to continue their education (Cârstea, 1993;Cârstea, Tudor, Bota, Sasu, 1995).
Dancing can be a set of pleasant and attractive means to make children develop harmoniously from the physical point of view, stimulating imagination, creativity and the need to express one's personality (Vișan, 1997; Năstase, 2011).
Thus, any approach focused on the harmonious physical development of children, and particularly on the development of motor skills and qualities and especially on optimizing the coordination capacity is up-to-date and there is increased interest in this topic from the experts in the field.
In order to achieve the proposed goals we used the following as research methods: the study of bibliographical specialty materials, the pedagogical observation, the test method, the experimental method, the statistical and mathematical methods and tabular and graphical representation.
For the investigated group we selected and used dancing drills specific to the physical education classes of children from 3rd grade (9-10 years of age).
The results obtained through the application of dancing drills meant to develop coordination capacities (the capacity to combine movements, the capacity to keep balance, spatial-temporal orientation capacity and the rhythmicity) of primary school children indicate that these skills can be successfully developed at the age of 9-10.
After having used the selected acting systems, the final testing has demonstrated positive results in terms of the development of coordination capacity, the main conclusion being that dancing can meet the modern teaching requirements concerning the physical education of pupils, taking into account the particularities of the age and the level of their training.


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