Underwater laser scanner and its possible applications

  • Aurel – Dan Maimon “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati
Keywords: metrology, underwater, laser, scanner, triangulation, pulse.


Lasergrammetry is very widely used for terrestrial or aerial operations. However, there is a recent underwater development. Societies of surveying services are increasingly offering this technique to oil companies to carry out certain operations that are currently carried out using inertial or acoustic methods. Metrology represents a crucial point since it intervenes at the very end of drilling operations. It is therefore very important for oil companies that this step be carried out as soon as possible to produce as soon as possible. The delay of the operations is one of the most important factors that it makes it possible to reduce the time of mobilization of the boat and thus represents a financial gain. Time is not the only important factor for the implementation of a new method since it is also a question of guaranteeing a certain level of precision.


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