Analizarea dimensiunii hedoniste a consumului/Analysis of the Hedonistic Dimension of Consumption

  • Romina Mihaela RUSU ”Traian Vuia” Auto Transport High School Galaţi
Keywords: hedonistic dimension of consumption, hyperconsumer, homo ludens, homo consumans/consumericus, game, puerilism


The current society, in which man is in a continuous search for everything and anytime, is one of hyperconsumption, by excellence. In this context, the hedonistic dimension of consumption can be easily noticed. Today's man is passionate about travel, parties, sports activities, as well as buying holiday residences, cars, brands in general, which seduces through the small screen and the list could continue with everything that is meant to get us out of the routine and to live unique moments, "hedonistic" ones. Consumption is seen as "a play", for which homo ludens makes its mark more than ever on homo consumans. Given that in this game we are all caught, regardless of age, the elderly being eager to live the joys of childhood, it is necessary to realize a distinction between play and puerilism. This raises the following question: Is consumption play or puerilism? If we look at the behavior of the consumer nowadays, it seems to be as childish as possible, because it lacks the essential signals of the authentic game, but if we were to look at the act of consumption for the sake of consumption, as a game in itself, then we cannot ignore its playful character.