Rolul religiei în concepţia lui Arnold J. Toynbee/The Role of Religion in the Conception of Arnold J. Toynbee

  • Mirela NISTOR „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” National High School, Galaţi and Elementary School nr. 16, Galaţi
Keywords: unification, mission, tolerance, civilization, globalization, creative minority, challenge, response


Toynbee's philosophical-historical vision results from the analysis of the past in a synthetic, civilized way and is projected in the future. For this, religious unification is the great challenge that our generation must face and that a creative minority must deal with in order to lead the masses alongside it. Toynbee considers such unification entirely possible, only if each has the courage and undertakes to distinguish in his or her own religion tradition the principal of the secondary, the periphery center, the essential of the accessory, the grain of straw, the fundamental faith from the beliefs he seeks to express or to account for it. While stressing the difficulties of such an operation and the resilience it must overcome, Toynbee considers unification to be "possible and indispensable".