Le vitrail entre quête de spiritualité et de lumière

The Stained Glass between the quest for Spirituality and Light

  • Leila Haj Sadok Institute Supérieur des Beaux-arts de Nabeul
Keywords: Stained glass, Light, Spirituality, Painting on Glass


In this research the problem proposed is the following: to what extent the abundance of light in the painting on glass presents a manifestation of the spirit, in other words to what extent the abundance of light in the painting on glass represents a spiritual dimension? In the first part of this research, it will be a question of a definition of key words: abundance, light, painting on glass and the mind. What is meant by abundance of light? Is it a mass of light? Is the unintelligible representable in art? Can we say that the light is an estimate or an approximation of the mind? The essence of this research is to show how difficult it is to represent the mind. In order to answer all these questions, this research will be based on the concept of the symbol and the "Kunstreligion" in the Hegelian system and it will also be based on Goethe's novel "Elective Affinities" and "Writings on the art ". The second part of this research is devoted to the analysis of two examples of painters who worked on stained glass. The first is German, Josef Albers (1888-1976) and the second is French, Auguste Herbin (1882-1960). Both are part of the artistic movement of abstract art. Each of them worked on the interaction of colors and spoke of the impossibility of a reaction between them? They also geometrized abstract shapes and composed with their own plastic alphabet. But, can it be spiritual? This analysis will refer to the iconic and material field followed by an interpretation.