Logosul în literatura filosofică şi literatura patristică

The Logos in Philosophical and Patristic Literature

  • Vasile R. Todoran ”1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba-Iulia
Keywords: Philosophical literature, Patristic-mystical literature, philosophical thought, patristic-mystical thought, ontology


The present study aims to present some philosophical, patristic and mystical aspects regarding how the concept of logos has evolved in the formulation and understanding of this word. The philosophical dimension exposes the logos through the vision of the philosophers of late antiquity, with patristic theology and mystical theology subsequently enriching the meaning of the concept of Logos. Thus, the philosophical vision saw the logos in relation to man, the world and the cosmos, while Patristic Theology and Mystical Theology related the Logos to the Person of the Savior Jesus Christ. Mysticism is seen as an ontological union rather than a psychological condition, and by Mystical Theology, we mean the mysterious knowledge of God.