Charter Cities (Oraşele-cartă) şi viitorul democraţiei participative

Charter Cities and the Future of Participatory Democracy

  • Alexandra Lucia Teodorescu Dunarea de Jos University of Galati
Keywords: Freedom, democracy, participation, decentralisation, community


The main goal of this paper is to present a concept that is not well known in our country and that offers lots of potential outlets for the participatory government. Charter cities have existed for centuries, but as small islands of decentralisation in a world with a constant trend towards accumulation and centralisation of power. Although considered by many as utopian as Thomas Morus’ utopia, the concept can be inspiring for policymakers inclined towards more individual freedom. Positive elements of charter cities can be borrowed to be used in modern mechanisms of participatory democracy. The paper will also explore the perspective of how participatory democracy is possible in this day and age. In the end, my claim is that the framework of charter cities should not be rejected as a potential model for improving our soaring democracies.