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          „Lower Danube” University of Galati was founded in 1948. It undertakes the mission to train specialists for different socio-economic domains, to actively participate in sustaining and spreading of science and culture, and to contribute to the enrichment of the local and national patrimony of knowledge through scientific research. The University also undertakes the role of a cultural and civic centre for the formation and dissemination of cultural, scientific and social values both in the area and at national level.
         „Lower Danube” University undertakes the mission to promote and transmit science and culture, to contribute to the creation of new knowledge through scientific research, providing all community members with the necessary conditions for the valorization of their intellectual aptitudes, through learning, scientific research and other socio-cultural activities.
         „Lower Danube” University of Galati is one of the most important higher education institutions in Romania. As the largest and most important institution of higher education in south-eastern Romania, with a staff of about 16,000 students, UDJG constitutes spearheading progress in technical, scientific, social cultural or immediate application and long-term designed primarily to contribute to the progress the city of Galati.
          There are publications, patents, major works listed in international databases. Public transparency of data and informations in printed and electronic form, about all qualifications and study programs, timeliness, accuracy and validity of this informations, are shown continuously.
            In the framework of university reforms and of Romania’s integration in the European Union, Lower Danube University of Galati has aimed at adopting European academic standards, at having curricula similar in structure with those currently in use in European universities, at promoting to internationally recognized academic performance criteria. In addition, the university has intended to promote academic mobility and recognition of degrees and studies.
            Ever since 2007, when Galati University Press Publishing House was established, were published scientific journals and books, manuals, tutorials, collections of exercises and problems, teaching supports and other work with an educational plan based on annual editorial plan and editorial projects.
            The work developed by distinguished professors and published within Galati University Press  Publishing House will be of great use to all those who complete their specialized training, with doctorates in the area of each book.