Liviu Comes – 100 de ani de la naștere

  • Andreea – Diana Giurea Liceul de Arte Dimitrie Cuclin, Galați
Keywords: Romanian musician, music composition technique, musical education, music for children and youth


Musical creation and teaching activity of the musician Liviu Comes (born on 13 december 1918) was carried out and affirmed in twentieth century Romania on a large period of time, beginning with the years between the two world wars, when his formation took place in Academy of Music from Targu – Mures (1927 – 1937), and Academy of Music in Cluj – Napoca (1946 – 1950) finishing on 21 century (December 2004). Taking into consideration the diversity of his musical preoccupation, his artistic and didactic creation, the importance of his theoretical contributions and his musical compositions dedicated to children and youth in a period of a constant development of Romanian musical education – this article is intented to be a portrait of an artist on the background of Romanian musical evolutions of the last century of history.