O perspectivă muzical-interpretativă a rolului lui Nadir din opera Les pêcheurs de perles de Georges Bizet

  • Florin-Adrian Mărginean Dunarea de Jos University of Galati
Keywords: character, music, phrase, words, feelings


In this article, I describe the process of impersonating the role of Nadir from “Les Pêcheurs de perles” opera by Georges Bizet. It is always a beautiful journey to “give birth” to a new character, because there are so many ways to create one. There is always a mix between what the music tell us and what the words mean.  But the most important things are the feelings that guide us to choose a certain vocal color for a phrase or to accentuate a certain word, to add more meaning.

My perspctive towards Nadir is based on my own performance and my own way to see it, of course, only after studying very well the score and put in practice the things that cannot be changed.