O recenzie a proiectului artistic ”Plastic Pandemia” Artist: Monica Turcu; Curator: Vincentziu Pușcașu Galați, 20 iulie 2022

  • Vincentziu Pușcașu Dunarea de Jos University of Galati
Keywords: contemporary art, exhibition, Plastic Pandemia, Monica Turcu, visual artist, curator


This article is a review of the Plastic Pandemia exhibition by visual artist Monica Turcu. Hosted by the Serfioti Gallery in Galati, the artistic project brought together creations made between 2020-2022, being an analysis of the experiences of the lockdown caused by the covid 19 pandemic. The optics proposed by the artist have a double meaning - on the one hand, it is a critical evaluation of the expressive possibilities of art installations; on the other hand it is an activist speech for saving the planet and raising awareness of environmental issues. This review represents a complementary material (revised and adapted) to the curatorial texts and the presentation of the opening on July 20, 2022.

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