Aspecte ale culturii si artei contemporane

  • Ioan Tudor Dunarea de Jos University of Galati
Keywords: Contemporary Art, traditional style, concept, eclecticism, experimental, new realism, artwork, conceptual art


Contemporary art fits into the neo-Marxist concept of the systematic dispute and destruction of all Western civilization's moral, religious, economic, and political values, attempting to build on the ruins of a new world conceived and designed by Marx, Lenin, and all the great Marxist philosophers. The Good, the Beautiful, and the Truth have no relevance to the artists of this movement. On the contrary, the rudeness, the offense felt by the public, the blasphemy that brings humiliation, and the vain sexuality that revolts all are the aim of the message of the work that the contemporary artist promotes, claiming that in this way, he succeeds in bringing out of lethargy the man in a trance and death sleep that the historical sins of the West keep away from the light of the liberating world revolution.

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