Cunoaştere, încredere, adevăr – un salt către artă!

  • Otilia Huzum Universitatea de Vest din Timişoara
Keywords: imagination, feeling, intellect, actor, creation, performance, knowledge, truth, art, trust


When we refer to the human being we imagine a living body inside which, in fraction of a second, an infinity of thoughts and states follow one another, which are transposed into gestures, actions, situations… But to art, to the embodiment of a character, to in the discovery of the truth, of whaterver from and kind, we have a parth of knowledge and self-confidence. Obviously we started from genesis, from the supreme Creator, in order to late follow the winding path of the discoveries of the great philosophers and thinkers, personalites who become true guides in setting the stage for their own experiment. Socrates, Plato, Hegel, Noica pave the way for research, for deepening, for experimentation and, finally, for the final conclusion which is nothing but true knowledge. The actor’s Theater and Art contains human philosophy, that sap from which man extract his thoughts and problems and leaves, full of desire, to fulfill his creative act.