Complexitatea structurilor perspectivale în opera lui Sam Szafran

  • Constantin-Adrian Corcăcel Dunarea de Jos University of Galati
Keywords: pastel, contemporary art, painting, drawing, pigment, figurative, Sam Szafran


In the visual arts, the creation of the painter Sam Szafran represents an artistic landmark of the end of the last century in terms of the use of the pastel technique in the development of unique, innovative compositional structures. The in-depth stylistic experiments by mixing pictorial techniques but also the diverse themes extracted from his own life experience are characteristics that develop the specific and unique imprint of his works. Sam Szafran describes compositional spaces dominated by well-crafted principles that give rise to complex surrealist framings. The stairs, the workshop or the contorted plant architectures are Sam Szafran's conceptual proposals for a special exploration of interiors, elaborating in this way true ambient projects. In turn, pastel, thanks to its special pigment qualities, is the working medium that helps both the spontaneous execution of line networks and the imitation of various materials.

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