Théophile Gautier în epoca romantismului plasticizat și „sterilizat”

  • Daniel Gălățeanu
Keywords: Gautier, French poetry,, stylistics, romanticism, Parnassian movement


The purpose of this article is the aesthetic, literary and stylistic analyze of Théophile Gautier's youth poems and his evolution from the romanticism, whose fervent defender and supporter he was, at the beginning, wearing the red vests of the battle for Hernani, alongside the great Hugo, toward the brink of the stylistic perfection of his Émaux et Camées (Enamels and Cameos) Parnassian era. His formal perfection, plastic poetry (let us not forget that the poet had flirted all his lifetime with the painting, nor that he was a great admirer of the Spanish "shades" painters) and absolute beauty obsession, key elements of the Parnassian doctrine, was manifested in Gautier's art since his “romantic” youth, and this is exactly the thesis to be proved of this research. In the later stage of his creative evolution, Gautier will become even one of the founding fathers of the Parnassian movement, thus creating premises for the emergence of the poetic modernity started with and by Baudelaire.