Un dramaturg din ,,provincie” către centru: Victor Cilincă

  • Elena Botezatu
Keywords: drama, patterns, “dialogue of texts, centre, periphery.


The dramatic works by Victor Cilincă (born on January 15, 1958 in Pașcani, Iași County) display an obvious intention of nearing the “grand texts” of world literature, in his own manner, of course, by anchoring the view in “the present lived”. Out of the many titles which make up the playwright’s complete works ascribable to the aforesaid grid, one could mention: O scrisoare…. Găsită [A… Found Letter], Dulcețuri și otrăvuri sau Dʼale Caragialelui [Sweets and poisons, or Caragialesques], Generalul generalilor [The Generals’ General] – with another version, Waiting for… Godeaux, Țara / Tzara de sub picior [The Land/ Tzara under the Foot], Romică și Jeanette or, why not, Zimbrul păcălit de vulpe [The Aurochs fooled by the Fox]. Another “dialogue” constructed around a character, around a dominating human type, can be established between Cilincă’s play Paparazzi and the homonymous play by Matei Vișniec. The parallel analysis of the two plays relies on observing the “relation between texts” and the way in which the figure of the journalist is outlined by the two playwrights.