Marin Sorescu – secvențe de interviu

  • Raluca Andonie (Ardean)
Keywords: interview, self,, cultural passport, originality


In front of a reporter, most interviewees wear masks, each assuming a pre-painted role, emphasizing consciously the exact feature that most readers want to know about the author or about the subject. Marin Sorescu, the complete author who was remarked both in the country and beyond its borders, was not afraid to reveal himself to those who wanted to portray him in interviews throughout his lifetime. The sincerity, the depth of ideas, and the originality of the way in which he understood the true nature of things, are elements easy to be noticed within the materials signed by journalists who dared to penetrate into the Sorescian universe. The author confesses that he finds particular satisfaction in discovering new talents to present to the audience without fear or even with the slightest thought that by this approach he could neglect his own potential. Further than promoting the authors whom he considered talented, Marin Sorescu, was one of the few promoters of Romanian cultural values abroad , persisting on promoting the culture by all means, therefore, becoming a cultural diplomatic passport worldwide