Dialogul epistolar dintre Duiliu Zamfirescu și Duiliu Ioanin

  • Ana-Maria Ciobanu ( Stoica)
Keywords: epistolary genre, intellectual profile, physical portrait, artistic personality


The personal correspondence of the writer Duiliu Zamfirescu is quite large and representative of the epistolary genre. It is not merely informative, it does not only contains historical data, it rises above the documentary level through literary virtues. Duiliu Zamfirescu did not think of writing literature that corresponded to his mates, but was tempted to comment on its side, to share his experience, to make appreciations, to express opinions. The daily confessions to Duiliu Ioanin sometimes take the form of diary tabs, in which we discover a young man in love. The correspondence of a writer reveals secrets he would not have wanted divulged but compose the moral and intellectual climate that conditioned the conception of the work.