Fantasticul interior în opera Doinei Ruști. Oglinda scrisului

  • Georgeta Pompilia Costianu ( Chifu)
Keywords: The miraculous, Mirror, Narrative Fiction,, Adventure, Doina Ruști.


Reading a book represents an adventure into the self, a quest for self-discovery and it offers the opportunity to discover a new world. Doina Rusti’s work unveils a realm in which the miraculous becomes the reflexion of an extremely sensitive memory. In the symbolic abstract of her literary work one experiences a wealth of images reflected in the novelist’s memory which, hence, plays the role of a mirror, and on the exterior it becomes a negative revelatory experience according to Derrida’s study „Disemination”, similar to an anamorphic image.
The author’s work addresses the reader’s heart and weaves through a myriad of interconnected elements from constructive rigour to freedom of imagination, a combination of freshness and melancholy revealed by every word of her book.
Doina Rusti’s creation epitomises an adventure into our inner self and the writing represents a fascinating journey to the core of our souls in which one can explore multiple perspectives of fredoom