Mitul personal în proza lui V. Voiculescu

  • Aura-Valentina Cășuneanu Panaitiu
Keywords: psychocriticism, phantasm, personal myth, network of associations


The psychocritical reading proposed by theorist Ch. Mauron entails that the depths of the associative network of a literary work actuate the imaginative matrix of the author’s personal myth, a “phantasm” evolving through time, coordinating memories, literary materials, objects and readings, without being able to separate itself from adolescence conflicts or from traumatic biographical events. Thus, images can be explained and interpreted by comparing the biographical context to the evolution of the myth. In Charles Mauron’s view, psychocriticism is founded on texts overlapping, with a view to highlight the network of associations, and also on the analysis of the writer’s obsessions, of his various themes and dreams, followed by the identification of the personal myth and by the interpretation of the outcomes obtained by studying the literary works in comparison with elements from the writer’s life.