Forme ale demitizării în imaginarul poetic religios al lui Panait Cerna

  • Valentina-Luminiţa Carp Tanasaciuc
Keywords: Panait Cerna, religious poetry, religious imaginary, icon


The poetic imagery of Panait Cerna also has a component of faith as a
concretized form of traditional spirituality. Through religious poetry, Cerna illustrates a
direction of literature, backed by time publications that have shaped the traditional
pattern of existence. His work is the expression of Romanian spirituality in axiological
moments, when new cultural values were sought. The poet's religious poem is part of
the poetry where the subject is humanity and not the individual. Although there were
critics who said that the language used by Cerna did not have a great glow, through the
vitality of sentiments, it remains the noblest contribution to overcoming Eminescu's
patterns. The value of Panait Cerna's religious poetry is indisputable, especially when
overtaking the individual and encompassing the universe, it reaches an original, original
concept. Thus, his poetry rises above his age and has a special place in the Romanian
lyrical ensemble.