Literatura populară la Dunărea de Jos

  • Eugenia Nicola (Notarescu)
Keywords: literature, folklore, song, popular, creation


Based on the studies and researches undertaken in the southern part of Moldova, we can consider the folk creation in the area of Galaţi rich and varied, continuously enriched with new "productions" of an increasingly artistic value. We noted the existence of several folkloric areas and, depending on this, different creations that dominated the folklore of the region: the fabulous epic creation from the lowest part of Siret (fantastic ballad, anti-Ottoman, anti-feudal ballad) and the poetry of the secular caroling, close to the heroic old song. In the poetic language of lyrical song we found fundamental themes like love, sorrow, grief, joy, alienation. Research shows that at the end of the 19th century, the epic song in the Covurlui area entered in a "dissolution" phase, living only from the accumulations of the past.