Characterization of olive oil obtained from whole fruit and fruit flesh of cultivar: Kaissy grown in Syria

  • Mahfouz AL-BACHIR Al-Bachir Department of Radiation Technology, Atomic Energy Commission of Syria, Damascus
  • Thanaa Al-Haddad Faculty of Science, Damascus University, Damascus, Syria
Keywords: Olive oil, Storage time, Phenolic contents, Acidity, Peroxide, Syria


The quality of extra virgin olive oils (EVOO) from whole fruits and fruit flesh of Kaissy olive (Olea europaea) cultivar was investigated in this study. Acid value (AV), peroxide value (PV), iodine value (IV), specification number (SV), Thiobarbituric acid (TBA) value, phenol content, refractive index (RI) and viscosity were measured after 0, 6 and 12 months of storage. The physicochemical properties of oil extracted from whole fruit and fruit flesh samples of olive were: AV (0.32 and 0.40%), PV (4.79 and 6.13%), TBA (0.056 and 0.052 mg MDA kg-1 oil), IV (84.41 and 83.87 g-1 oil), SV (195.48 and 187.56 mg KOH g-1 oil), total phenolic (339.52 and 226.68 mg gallic acid kg-1 oil), RI (1.4669 and 1.4668) and viscosity (129.33 and 130.00 mPa s-1 ) respectively. The results demonstrated that the AV, PV, RI and viscosity values significantly (p<0.05) increased, while TBA value and total phenolic content significantly (p<0.05) decreased during storage.

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Al-Bachir, Mahfouz AL-BACHIR, and Thanaa Al-Haddad. 2016. “Characterization of Olive Oil Obtained from Whole Fruit and Fruit Flesh of Cultivar: Kaissy Grown in Syria”. The Annals of the University Dunarea De Jos of Galati. Fascicle VI - Food Technology 40 (2), 72-82.

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