„Fantoma din moară” de Doina Ruşti – discurs identitar şi manifest estetic

  • Georgeta Pompilia Costianu “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati
Keywords: discourse, identity, fiction, adventure, mirroring


This study is a contribution to the social-cultural interpretation of Doina Rusti’s work from the perspective of the discourse (fictional first) about the construction of identity, investigating the social role of the individual, his deduction. After reading the novel The Phantom of the Mill, one can notice that the events of the childhood and youth of the author, subtly presented here, under the diaphanous veil of imagination, get various avatars in subsequent fiction works. In the case of Doina Rusti’s work, we find that identity is related to social and cultural institutions, but also to individual strategies in self – assertion. One of the ways used the author and requiring increased affection from the lecturer is the mask game based on figures invoked in the sinuous route of identity construction. We also notice that the most important aspects of the author’s life can also be derived from her fictional works which are a reflection of her inner world. Her creation thus becomes a real adventure for the reader who is eager to know it, and this writing is nothing but a miraculous journey through the world of self. We can say that through her work, Doina Rusti brings into the forefront the unfrozen narrative and the free play of imagination, but she also succeeds in introducing the reader into a true labyrinth of identity.


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