„Vârstele” literaturii postbelice identificate în opera Gabrielei Adameşteanu

  • Ancuţa Smădu “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati
Keywords: poetics, history, criticism, feminine literature, perspective, feminine imaginary, post-war literature


The purpose of this article is to bring the author into a literary genre, her works being the subject of histories, as well as studies related to post-war Romanian prose. Numerous literary critics of the time tried to put Gabriela Adamesteanu's prose in a certain period. Taking into account the moment the author started, it could be part of the generation of the seventies writers, but there are different peculiarities in the poetry of her literature that hinder this endeavor. Both the difficulty of framing the work of the author in a particular generation and the specific elements that offer originality can be explained by her writing, through her unmistakable poetics to accommodate two seemingly opposite principles, namely the classic and the modern.


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