Perspective identitare în destinul prozatorului Marin Preda

  • Ovidiu Marcu “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati
Keywords: destiny, supertopic, self-knowledge, spiritual identity, confession-texts


The notion of destiny, which has become a supertopic of Marin Preda's texts, is not specific only to the well-known literary writings, such as the novels The Intruder and The Most Beloved of Earthlings, works that lie within the sphere of fiction. The problem of destiny, of the search for the answer to the question Which is the way to reach self-knowledge? concerned Marin Preda both during his youth period, when he sought his spiritual identity, as well as during the artistic maturity period, when he had received the confirmation of his vocation as a writer. It is reflected in two confession-texts published at considerable time intervals: the juvenile poem The Return of the Lost Son, written in 1941, and the autobiographical novel Life as a Prey, published in 1977.


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