Aim and scope

Mechanical Testing and Diagnosis is a journal providing to be a forum for discussions and research reporting in the testing and diagnosis of machine elements, materials and design solutions from the mechanical point of view and it is of interest to those concerned with testing, failure analysis and diagnosis, in laboratory, in production and in connection with the specifications of process and products.

The journal covers wide branches and aspects of testing, including simulations, laboratory test, new design for apparatus, new techniques and standards, together with their application to quality assurance and product development. The accent is on testing and diagnosis in order to point out the mechanical properties and implications in testing and diagnosis of the engineering; papers reporting simulations, failure analysis, measured data of value to designers and technologists are also welcome.

The scope of the journal extends to all materials, machine elements, processes and systems that are influenced by mechanical processes and properties. There is equal concern with tests used in research, tests used every day in the factory, investigations of failure and new re-engineering solutions for avoiding mechanical failures, for improving durability, maintenance and reliability.

Database indexing

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