Cuplul și avatarurile lui în proza scurtă a lui Gib Mihăescu. Erotismul - o manieră frustă de revelare a instinctului.

  • Eugenia Tatiana Buzea (Bulancea)
Keywords: metamorfoză,, scenarii halucinante, anxietate, obsesie, izolare În


Eroticism is a central theme embedded in the thinking, action and metamorphosis of the characters, it is the engine that brings cohesion into the unity of being, but it is also the destructive force that grinds and erodes the interiors of the characters or couples through jealousy, mistrust, negativity, pride and much more which converge to an individual's inability to rise from the fetal scenario network. In the relationship between the characters, love unfolds like in parallel mirrors, each reflects the other, a continuous check of the fidelity of the other marks the male model and motivates its choices, while the woman tends to release and confirms the infidelity scenarios just under the pressure of suspicion. Gib Mihăescu's couples do not contextualize in terms of compatibility / incompatibility, they are subject to the imperative of the conjuncture, they can not overcome the mixture of hallucinating hypotheses and erroneous conclusions. The world in which the character builds up leads to anxiety, installs it in the subconscious, and vices the perception of events. Behavioral deviations culminate in murder, as an obsessive solution to the torrent of acts that invade the character's consciousness, under the false impression of lucidity, with a discernment deeply affected by repression, isolation, and shifting failure to the other.