Humidity determination in concrete by using the dielectric method

  • Ștefania Ionescu “Dunarea de Jos“ University of Galati
Keywords: permitivity, dielectric method


The presence of humidity in the building envelope elements decays their structural and technological properties, favours heat losses and, in time, also the deterioration and degradation of the building. In order to avoid of these aspects it is necessary to know and to mantain under control the level of humidity at the construction materials, in the process of making as well as during their exploitation; it is also necessary to be familiar with the transport phenomena of the humidity in the respective materialş, thirdly it is also obligatory to monitor the spacetemporary movement of the humidity front. This article analyses an electric-dielectric method, which besides the fact that it shows, measures and monitorises the level of humidity in the construction elements, also helps to appreciate the efficiency of some surface protection systems in concordance with the german guide regarding the protection and repairing of the concrete elements.

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