On behaviour evaluation of vibratory systems with uncertain parameters

  • Silviu Nastac “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati Engineering and Agronomy Faculty in Braila Research Centre for Mechanics of Machines and Technological Equipments - MECMET
Keywords: vibratory system, parameters uncertainties, dynamic response


This study deals with the area of nonlinear and random mechanical vibration. It was supposed a simple classical vibratory system with translational motion, simulated as a single degree of freedom system. It was additionally considered that the main parameters characterizing inertia, dissipation and rigidity were affected by some uncertainties during the system evolution under the external
dynamic load. The paper presents a method and a computational tool being able to provide useful information regarding the possible response of this system subjected by external harmonic loads. The results were comparatively analyzed with those obtained by the method of extremes identification of variation interval.

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Nastac S. On behaviour evaluation of vibratory systems with uncertain parameters. Analele Universităţii "Dunărea de Jos" din Galaţi. Fascicula XIV, Inginerie mecanică = Annals of “Dunarea de Jos“ University of Galati. Fascicle XIV, Mechanical Engineering [Internet]. 15Nov.2018 [cited 23Jul.2021];25(2):43-6. Available from: https://www.gup.ugal.ro/ugaljournals/index.php/im/article/view/3956