Optimizing the Taking of the Samples from the Contaminated Sites with the Aid of the Drones

  • Dorin EFTIMIE "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati, Romania
Keywords: Drone, 3D model, monitoring sites environment parameters


Monitoring environmental parameters as well as taking samples from contaminated sites using drones is an optimized solution to transmit real-time minimum in-flight data on samples taken.
3D modeling using NX 8.0 software allowed the modular construction of experimental drone.
The following monitoring tests were performed with the help of the experimental drone:
• video testing of an area on the Braila-Galati dam and capturing the images on digital memory storage.
• collection of samples from water as well as depth measurements.
• monitoring the quality of the air as well as the quantity of pollution in urban traffic at a crossroad in the city of Braila.
The drone can be an efficient solution for taking samples from contaminated sites depending on the equipment with which it is equipped.

Creative Commons License


[1]. ***, High-End solution CAD/CAM/CAE Siemens NX 8.0.
[2]. ***, http://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/google-joinsnasa-and-others-to-work-on-drone-traffic-control-system/.
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EFTIMIE D. Optimizing the Taking of the Samples from the Contaminated Sites with the Aid of the Drones. The Annals of “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati. Fascicle IX, Metallurgy and Materials Science [Internet]. 15Sep.2019 [cited 22May2024];42(3):28-1. Available from: https://www.gup.ugal.ro/ugaljournals/index.php/mms/article/view/2802

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