”Frumushyka Nova”: Representation of Budzhak Ethnic Groups Culture

  • Nataliia PETROVA
Keywords: Frumushika-Nova, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, ethnic culture


Frumushika-Nova is a unique tourist site in the South of Ukraine and an open air historical and ethnographic complex. It is in an ecological conservation – Budzhak steppe (in Tarutinsky district of Odesa region on the territory of the former military training ground) with inherent flora and fauna. Such objects in Europe exist for a long time, where they are given great attention as an important component of education, study of historical and cultural heritage. In Ukraine, unlike Europe, there is still a lack of experience in the organization of such complexes, while Ukrainian society feels an urgent need for the availability and use of such facilities. Today Frumushika-Nova is known as a tourist site, a green tourism facility, as a recreational center for family holidays. It’s worth saying that Frumushika-Nova can and should become a kind of historical and ethnographic acting training laboratory, because there are unique ethno-cultural reminders of seven main groups of the population (Bulgarians, Gagauz, Germans, Jews, Moldovans, Russians, Ukrainians). Frumuszyka-Nova can be a place of educational, multidisciplinary, and methodological work. There is a local lore museum, the exposition of which represents the history of Budzhak, and ethnographic complexes in the form of ethnic estates reflect the life and traditional culture of ethnic groups of the population of southern Bessarabia. Frumuszyka's material and technical base is ready for research and practical seminars on training and advanced training of tour operators, including international, especially with neighboring countries – Romania and Moldova.