Pace, libertate, bunăstare materială şi spirituală, progres economic şi social – concepte ale României socialiste

  • Pr. Ovidiu SOARE
Keywords: Freedom; peace; socialist society; communism; military conflict; material and social welfare


Freedom, peace, material and spiritual well-being, economic and social progress are just a few concepts from the severe and insistent discourse of socialist society, which for almost half a century has characterized Romanian society. These concepts had the “therapeutic” role of presenting an ideal socialist society, which comes with concrete social solutions and actions, meant to eliminate social injustices and inequities, military conflicts, economic stagnation or regression. Studying documents from the socialist period is not an easy task, because there are two extreme tendencies: the first to approve them in full, and the second to disapprove them. The article highlights some of the social problems facing our society in those days, problems which, in one form or another, are also found in our current society.