Căsătoriile şi divorţurile în România: dinamica demografică şi percepţii sociale

  • Elisaveta DRĂGHICI
Keywords: Marriage; divorce; living together; demographic dynamics; mariage percetions; divorce perceptions


In the context of the diversification of family patterns, the reduction in birth rates and social changes in recent years, the analysis of demographic phenomena related to marriage and divorce is important especially if these phenomena are correlated with changes in the options for marriage or consensual union and the dissolution of marriage through divorce. Both marriage and divorce are determined by a combination of factors. In turn, these two social events influence other aspects of life. The study aims to provide a picture of marriages and divorces in Romania over the last ten years, in relation to developments in society: views on marriage, the dissolution of family life, the perception of divorce in society, the psychosocial consequences of divorce and perceptions of living together before marriage. It is a theoretical analysis based on official statistical sources and literature, following the evolution in recent years. The results of the study will provide not only a picture of marriages and divorces, but also an overview of the vision of marriage (family) and cohabitation today, providing support for educational and family actions or policies.