« Le goût des arts étrangers » et « les esprits nouveaux » dans la culture roumaine du XIXe siècle

Keywords: Culture(s); influence(s); model(s); foreigner(s); Romanian language


At a time when European cultures, considered as elitist, “lived” their full development, the Romanian culture, more modest, tried to “find its way” according to foreign influences, according to political influences. Little by little new spirits began to make themselves known in the Romanian provinces and the arts from abroad proved to be the basis for the renewal of Romanian culture, which still kept the traditional native models and found it difficult to give up legacy of old values. The political, cultural and literary lives directly received European influences adapted to the Romanian realities which were at the beginning of their particular mutations. The literary creative act began to follow models and influences of the first rank, renowned at European level. In this context, our study is based on an analysis of the opinions and informed voices of the time, which declared themselves openly pro or against foreign influences.