Maladii și carențe ale conștiinței axiologice

Diseases and Deficiencies of Axiological Consciousness

  • Ivan Ivlampie Dunarea de Jos University of Galati
Keywords: axiology, value, desire, hypertrophy, atrophy


The ailments we experience are ontological evidence, the certainty of which even the most skeptical philosopher cannot doubt, especially when they have a toothache. Over time, I have developed a medicine for the body and, paradoxically, a medicine for the soul, albeit much later. Within the realm of human consciousness, various types of diseases have been identified. For instance, Aristotle, through the establishment of logic, acts as the doctor who heals us from the diseases of thought. Freud formulated a therapy for emotions. Within the structure of consciousness, we can identify the diseases affecting our desires and actions. However, in this realm, we do not find an independent form of medicine. Nevertheless, this field has not been left unexplored. Artists serve as the doctors who bring our behavioral deficiencies to the forefront in the realm of values.