Profeţie şi profesiunea de a fi capitalist/Prophecy and the Profession of Being a Capitalist

  • Ivan IVLAMPIE Dunarea de Jos University of Galati
Keywords: capitalist, profit, exploitation, work, profession, morality


The central premise of Karl Marx's work, Capital, boils down to the idea that the employer's profit comes from his employee's unpaid labor. The value of goods delivered to the market is exclusively determined during the working hours of the workers. The capitalist's profit is an unjust and immoral social fact. The entrepreneur does not make any physical or intellectual effort in the production process of goods or services in his field of activity, but only spends his energy squeezing the profit. As a social parasite, he deserves to be eliminated through the communist revolution from humanity's history.
Throughout this study, we argue against this ideological perspective on history.